What Is Hydraulic Power Brake Booster

- Nov 17, 2017-

General vehicle brakes according to the transmission medium is divided into hydraulic brakes and air pressure brakes, hydraulic booster mechanism and pressure booster mechanism can be used as a booster for hydraulic brakes. Hydraulic booster brake Through the hydraulic pressure booster device on the output of the work oil pressure pump pressurization, pressurized work oil through the main cylinder to make each wheel cylinder work.

Full-pressure brakes will be the compressor-generated air as a transmission medium, and the full power brake is the idea of using the hydraulic brake device. In other words, the work oil after pressurized by the oil pump temporarily stored in the reservoir, in the braking, through the control valve control will be in the pedal pressure matching hydraulic transmission to the wheel cylinder. Now, full booster brakes are rare.