Nanjing Building Asia-Pacific Intelligent Booster Production Base

- Nov 17, 2017-

Newspaper (reporter Wang Yali) recently, Bosch Asia-Pacific region's first intelligent booster Ibooster production base in Nanjing broke ground. The total investment amount of the project amounted to 770 million yuan (100 million euros), covering an area of about 22,000 square meters and planned to be put into operation in 2019. In accordance with the relevant planning, the project plans to build two production lines, the initial project capacity of 400,000 pieces, by 2024 will reach 3 million pieces.

Bosch Ibooster products were introduced into the market in 2013 and initially supplied to electric vehicles, according to group leaders. In recent years, with the rapid development of new energy vehicles and automatic driving, the product should be in general trend and the demand is increasing gradually. Bosch launched its second-generation product in 2015, which can be applied to all powertrain solutions, with major users including Volkswagen, General Motors and Tesla, with a total shipment of 1.7018 billion pieces.

It is understood that Ibooster is a new type of braking booster solution. It uses sensors to detect the strength and speed of the driver's brakes, and then passes the signal processing to the motor in the brake pump, driving the brake pump under the electromechanical amplification mechanism, thus realizing the electric control movement.

The biggest advantage of the product is that it does not depend on the vacuum source. In China, the hybrid and pure electric vehicle market is developing rapidly, but the modern internal combustion engine and electric vehicle can not provide enough vacuum for the traditional vacuum brake booster, but can only be solved by carrying the vacuum pump, the braking effect is passable. And the Ibooster solution does not depend on the vacuum source, can be targeted to solve this problem.