A Brief Introduction Of Servo Frein

- Nov 17, 2017-

The servo braking system can be divided into two types: booster type and booster type, according to the position of the output force of servo system and the different operation mode of the control device.

Power-type also known as direct manipulation, the characteristics of the servo system control device that is, control valve with the brake pedal mechanism direct manipulation, vacuum servo chamber generated by the power and pedal force together in the brake main cylinder to help the pedal strength of the shortage. The vacuum booster servo braking system is widely used in passenger cars.

Pressure-type also known as indirect manipulation, its characteristics are control valve with the brake pedal mechanism through the main cylinder output of hydraulic control, and the servo system output force and the main cylinder hydraulic joint use in the auxiliary cylinder, so that the auxiliary cylinder output to the brake cylinder hydraulic far higher than the brake main cylinder hydraulic.