What Is A Vacuum Booster Pump

- Aug 04, 2018-

Brake booster Pump Using the principle of air inhalation in the engine, resulting in a vacuum on the side of the booster, relative to the other side of the normal air pressure to produce pressure difference, the use of this pressure difference to strengthen the brake thrust. Even if the diaphragm on both sides of a very small pressure difference, because of the large area of the diaphragm, still can produce a lot of thrust to push the diaphragm to the small end of the pressure movement.

In the working state, the push-back spring makes the brake pedal in its initial position, at this point, the vacuum tube and the vacuum booster connection position of the one-way valve in the open state, inside the booster, the diaphragm will be divided into the real air chamber and the application of the gas room, the two rooms are connected to each other, in most of the time they are isolated from the outside world, The air chamber is connected to the atmosphere by means of two valve devices.

When the engine is running, step on the brake pedal, under the action of the push rod, vacuum valve closure, at the same time, put the other end of the air valve is open, waiting for air to enter the brake pedal (the cause of the gasp) will result in the cavity pressure imbalance of the State, under the action of negative pressure, the diaphragm is pulled to the end of the brake total pump, In turn, the push rod of the brake master pump, which realizes the function of further enlarging the leg strength.