What is a booster?

- Nov 17, 2017-

Booster is a vehicle with the aid of compressed air, high-pressure oil and other control devices, in order to achieve the purpose of lightweight. Large vehicle operation because of limited manpower, so there are many "help" device (learning called "servo mechanism").

Taking the booster servo braking system as an example, its characteristic is the servo system control device uses the brake pedal mechanism direct manipulation, its output force uses in the hydraulic main cylinder, with the pedal strength to the main cylinder oil liquid pressure, this is the difference and "the supercharged type" servo braking system--"The supercharged type" Servo braking system is characterized by brake pedal mechanism control of the main cylinder, the main cylinder output of hydraulic transfer to the auxiliary cylinder, and control of the servo system, the servo system of the output force and the main cylinder hydraulic joint for the auxiliary cylinder, auxiliary cylinder output to the wheel cylinder hydraulic far higher than the main cylinder hydraulic.