The power hydraulic brake is not open what is the problem

- Nov 17, 2017-

The brakes won't open.

1. The voltage and phase number of the actuator are in accordance with the requirements; 2. Adjust the moment of the line in the nameplate range; 3. Lubrication hinge; 4. Compensating stroke for small brakes.

Brakes can't stop.

1. Adjust the compensation itinerary according to the instructions; 2. Remove the lubricating material from the brake wheel; 3. Replace the friction piece which is worn to the limit; 4. The hinged rotation of the brake frame is not flexible.

Inconsistent on both sides of the pitch

1. Fix the installation base or fix the position of the installation hole, readjust the installation position of the brake; 2. Adjust according to the usage instruction.

Compensation device Failure

1. Readjust the compensation device; 2. Replace the compensating device damping ring.