Is it wrong to brake on the clutch first?

- Nov 17, 2017-

Novice just on the road, there will always be a variety of problems, such as braking when the clutch and throttle which first step, overtaking need not to add files and so on, in fact, many old drivers also have such a question, just because many years of operation to develop a habit, also did not go to make changes. That exactly how the operation is the most scientific, today we will introduce 8 kinds of damage to the car and dangerous practices, we must avoid it later.

Error One: First step on the clutch and then brake

For the car with manual block, some people think that the brake should be cut off before the power, the brakes will be more effective, this is a serious mistake. Because of the clutch, the engine speed is rapidly reduced to idle speed, and the total vacuum of the trachea is reduced, the auxiliary force of the vacuum booster is greatly reduced, the braking distance is longer. The correct operation, should first step down the brakes, when the speed is reduced to close to stop the clutch, so as to ensure safety.

Error Two: Running-in period full load

The load can not exceed the rated load during the running-in period of the vehicle $number. The new car should be less than the specified load or number of load, not overloading, because overloading will aggravate the engine, transmission, transmission system, suspension system and other components of the burden, aggravating wear, damage to vehicles. Full load will increase the weight of the car, the shock and suspension can not play the maximum role, at the same time, due to the increase in quality, inertia is increased, braking distance is also longer.

Error Three: The speed of the running-in period, the more slowly the better

Running-in period is to be in a period of time to friction parts of the coordination gap grinding to a reasonable range, to achieve better lubrication. If the running-in period engine speed is too low, then the crankshaft connecting rod bearing the impact of the larger, high speed of the cylinder wall easy to pull injury, causing early wear, so running-in period should refer to engine speed rather than speed, petrol engine speed between 2000 to 3000 rpm, diesel engine between 1000 to 2000 rpm.

Error Four: Extra file overtaking

Motorists generally believe that high gear speed is faster, so in the overtaking way up a block. In fact, the vehicle's progress must rely on the engine to play the torque, high gear torque, throttle response is slow, the acceleration is slowing down, so the correct overtaking should be slowed down a block, automatic blocking just to the end of the throttle, the transmission will be reduced a block to provide enough torque.