Diagnose The Clutch Abnormality

- Aug 11, 2018-

Abnormal condition III: clutch Separation not complete

This situation is generally to start the vehicle, hang low gear, loosen the parking brake, do not release the clutch when the vehicle is running or flameout; when the engine idling, step on the clutch pedal, hang the gear to feel difficult, and accompanied by transmission gearbox impact sound.

How should this be diagnosed? Very simple, in the car did not start when the two people together to judge, one person will be the transmission 1 block, step on the clutch pedal, another person with the handle to shake the engine, if the shaking or the vehicle has a forward shift trend, prove that the clutch separation is not complete.

Abnormal situation four: when the clutch is a different ring

This is a very simple situation, is to step on the clutch when the noise is wrong.

At this time, the transmission will be put into an empty position, so that the engine idling operation, trample or loosen the clutch pedal, the car does not move under the circumstances of the noise is more obvious, then it is the clutch problem.